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Clouds / Icicles

CLOUDS are part of my “cycle of water” series. Most of my works deal with the existential transformation of the viewer internally and in relation to the world. These polished stainless steel sculptures bring the blue sky puffy clouds to your feet in the green grass, with the viewer reflected into the CLOUD. 

We are the cycle of water, just like clouds.

ICICLES follow clouds in my “cycle of water” series. Made from hammered stainless steel ranging from 5′ to 25′ high, ICICLES capture the freezing and unfreezing of water. The forms created by ICICLES, continuously melting and freezing, are a pure magical expression of physics. Bringing these forms indoors and to cultures that do not have icicles is a gift of magic. Again, the viewer is reflected into the ICICLE, which repositions them existentially “inside” the art.